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Here you will find all of our tutorial and demo videos, along with some non-legal related sample videos.  Thanks for watching, and if you liked any of them, click the "YouTube" logo in the lower right corner of the screen to visit my YouTube page.  Then hit the thumbs up button and subscribe!  Thanks!
TrialDirector 6 Tutorial
Watch this video to learn some of the basic features, tools and terminology of digital trial presentation.  More videos for trial attorneys yet to come! 
DepoView Demonstration
This video shows the downloading and installation of this application from the inData website, as well as demonstrating playback, transcript search, creating a clip and exporting a clip to the desktop. Also shown is how to set the Windows Media Viewer to play back the video with the synched transcript subtitles.
Synchronized Depo Video Playback
This video shows some of the ways that synchronized deposition video clips can be shown in a trial presentation.  This video shows an older version of the software, but the current options are essentially the same.  (The first video on this page has synch depo clips at the 5:20 mark.) DCM creates synch files for TrialDirector, LiveNote, Sanction, Summation and other litigation software.
History of the Market Street Railway
Take a look into the process of creating a mural on the streets of San Francisco. The Muralist is Mona Caron, creator of many large murals in the San Francisco Bay Area.  
62-64 Pixley Street, San Francisco
This video was created for Ugo Baldassari of the Paragon Real Estate Group, and demonstrates a flattering video inspection.  DCM - Digital Case Management can produce objective inspection videos that portray the unvarnished truth, and comprehensive demonstration videos showing how devices work or processes are completed.

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DCM - Digital Case Management:

Present your evidence on-screen by an experienced digital trial technician.  Make depo clips, annotate documents, move through your arguemnts more quickly and easily.  Click the link below to learn more.

DCM has video projectors, audio amplifiers, projection screens, audio amplifiers, monitors and everything you need to equip a courtroom for a digital trial presentation.  Learn more:

We record with HD Cameras, properly place our microphones for clear audio and use professional professional backdrops.  Make sure you have the best video depositions when you go to trial.  Click the pic to learn more.

Have your deposition video and transcript expertly synchronized by DCM. Play depo excerpts in court or at hearings.  Click the image below for more info.

Combine our trial services with our videography for experienced mock trial and focus group technical services.  We'll help you present evidence, record the proceedings and provide remote viewing for unseen observers.  Click the link below to learn more.

Record, archive and show your powerpoint presentations on your website.  We will create an interactive document that viewers can access on demand and review at their own pace.  Click below for more info and a demo.
Power Point Video Slideshow