Litigation Technology Services
Mock Trial Jury Focus Group
  • Digital Exhibit Presentation
  • Synchronized Depo Excerpt Playback
  • Record the Presentation & the Group's Reactions
  • Record Deliberations
  • Observe Proceedings Remotely by HD Video

Mock juries and focus groups are a better way to predict a jury's reaction than even the most educated guesses.  Have DCM - Digital Case Management handle all the technical aspects of your focus group event, while you focus on your presentation and the response.

One of our trial technicians will create a database of your exhibits, depositions, and demonstratives. We'll present exhibits with call-outs, synchronized deposition excerpts or other evidence exactly as it would be displayed in a courtroom.  Your focus group won't be distracted or bored.

Our videographers will cover your event, shooting in widescreen HD.  You'll be able to watch remotely, and we will also record your presentation, so you can evaluate yourself.  We'll cover the audience reactions, so you can evaluate how your argument is received, and the deliberations.  

You can also have DCM - Digital Case Management handle the logistics of conference room rental and group facilitator duties.

Our experience in legal videography, trial presentation and focus group services ensure that you will get useful results and a better understanding of how your case plays with the public.  If you want to get started on this important project, or if you have questions, please give us a call or contact us by email.  We're looking forward to hearing from you.

Prepare for your upcoming trial.  DCM will expertly synchronize your deposition videos. Click the image below for more info.
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