Litigation Technology Services
If you're DIY, Let DCM Help
  • Document Annotation Graphics
  • Synchronized Deposition Video Excerpts
  • Video & Audio Captioning & Editing
  • Dynamic PowerPoint Slideshows
  • TrialDirector Database Creation
  • Remote Consultation 
Courtroom presentation Trial technician
If you don't want an in-court trial tech, but need some professional video or document exhibits to make your case, DCM - Digital Case Management can set you up with winning trial exhibits:

Document call-out & annotation graphics, for your opening slideshow or for use during questioning.

Deposition excerpts with scrolling captions, such as impeachment clips.  We'll make as many as you need, you show only the ones you need.  You'll also get clip reports with the complete text of every clip.

Timelines head off potential confusion and provide the jurors a clear starting point for the narrative you want to tell.  

Transcribe & synchronize voice mail, police radio communications, video meetings or any recorded conversation.  Video with the transcript ensures the jury gets the full story.

We will help you prepare for presentation from your own computer, and assist with your courtroom multi-media setup.  

To learn more, contact us by phone or use our “Contact Us” page to send us an email. 

TrialDirector Database Creation
If you have an in-house TrialDirector technician who is otherwise occupied until trial starts, and you need assistance setting up your trial database, DCM - Digital Case Management can fill the need.  Whether you just need the exhibits loaded,  depo clips created or gaphics for your opening slideshow, we are happy to help.

Your database will be ready to load on your computer and open with TrialDirector.  Your exhibits, depo clips, saved exhibit displays and demonstrative graphics will be at your fingertips.  Your in-house tech will have a head start when they hit the hot seat.

Call or email for more details.
Build,  Review, Rehearse & Revise 
via Web Conference! 

DCM – Digital Case Management is based in San Francisco, California, but we can provide trial-to-go services to clients anywhere in the world.  Thanks to the internet, we can meet and confer in real-time, recieve exhibits from you and deliver completed presentations to wherever you happen to be.  We can even rehearse the presentation and make changes immediately.  Call or email us for more details.

"Ken assisted me and our legal team on several ICC arbitrations. He was instrumental with evidence presentation and technical expertise. He is calm and very thoughtful even under difficult circumstances. Ken really improved our end game in the arbitrations - the evidence presented looked really sharp. His expertise with Trial Director and technical graphics are excellent. "

- Wendy Howe
 San Francisco, CA 
Via LinkedIn

"Ken was very adept with the software, was able to work under short deadlines and make changes on-the-spot as needed both before court and in court.  
He is comfortable working in high pressure situations, and our judge and jury both complimented his finesse."

-Caitlin Henry 
San Francisco, CA 
Via LinkedIn

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