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  • Experienced Trial Presentation Technician
  • Courtroom Video Playback 
  • Document Annotations and Call-Outs
  • Multimedia Equipment Setup 
  • PowerPoint Slideshows 

Let DCM - Digital Case Management become a part of your trial team to present your case to a tech-savvy courtroom. We will create the database, exhibits and demonstratives, and power-up your PowerPoint slideshows with annotated exhibit graphics. We will advise you on presentation strategy and work with you in the war room planning the next phase in the presentation. 
Juries today expect a modern, tech-driven trial presentation as much as they expect tech in every aspect of their lives.  A digital trial presentation presents more exhibits, more clearly and more quickly.  You will keep the juror's attention and they will remember your arguments better.

We use a digital database management system to manage and present all of your documents, photos, depositions, video and audio files. Your DCM trial technician will call-out paragraphs, hi-lite key lines and create deposition video clips with transcript captions. (See the demo video below!  Or, view the screenshot slideshow linked in the collumn to the right.) 
We can also handle special situations and difficult exhibits. Call us to help you create:
  • Optimized screen-capture images from software (i.e. Quickbooks, etc.) 
  • Optimized image and video capture from online sources 
  • Hi-resolution photography of physical objects (circuit board, auto part, etc.) 
  • Videography of site, vehicle or product demonstrations 
  • 3-D printing for enlarged or scale models 
Start planning now: Call or email DCM - Digital Case Management to schedule a demo in your office to learn how our trial support services can help you at your next trial.

In-House Multimedia Equipment Available
DCM - Digital Case Management also has in-house multi-media equipment necessary for digital courtroom presentations: bright, hi-resolution video projectors; audio amplifiers; document cameras; monitors and the necessary connection hardware. Our trial clients have priority for this equipment and we offer much lower rates than standard rental houses.  Click the link to learn more.
Digital Trial Presentation for Trial Attorneys 

Watch this tutorial video for an introduction to some of the basic features, tools and terminology of digital trial presentation.  More videos for trial attorneys yet to come! 

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"(Ken) is extremely skilled with the hardware and software needed for trial presentation. He is comfortable working in the high-pressure environment. He met with us in advance to get us up to speed on the technology, and always helped us make the best use of him and his services."

-Andrew Ogilvie 
 San Francisco, CA
Via LinkedIn 

DCM has video projectors, audio amplifiers, projection screens, audio amplifiers, monitors and everything you need to equip a courtroom for a digital trial presentation.  Learn more:

"Ken was very adept with the software, was able to work under short deadlines and make changes on-the-spot as needed both before court and in court. 
 He is comfortable working in high pressure situations, and our judge and jury both complimented his finesse."

-Caitlin Henry 
 San Francisco Bay Area
Via LinkedIn 

Click below to see a slideshow of trial presentation screenshots.
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