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DCM - Digital Case Management has a large collection of audio-video/multimedia equipment to rent, ready for your courtroom playback or trial presentation event.  You have planned your trial for months, so don't be let down by whatever the court has on hand, or whatever the other side is bringing.  Let us help you schedule the proper equipment for the job.  Read the guide below to get some introductory information.

Beyond what we have in-house, we can also arrange additional equipment from outside vendors for your war room, such as scanners, printers or additional computers. Whatever you need, we will get it for you.

Pro-tip:  Talk your trial technician early about your equipment needs to ensure availability, and inform opposing counsel that you have made the arrangements to ensure the proper-set-up.

Trial Equipment Selection Guide
What equipment will the courtroom size and layout allow? What will it require? Do you want your judge to have her own monitor? The witness? The opposing side? Do you need your own monitor? Will you share the AV system with the other side? 
Below are a set of generic scenarios. Read them, then call DCM – Digital Case Management. We’ll make sure you have covered everything and ensure that you don’t have excess equipment. 

Basic Setup: Video Projector, Projection Screen, Audio Amplifier. 
This can cover most courtroom situations, provided the screen can be positioned to be seen clearly by the jury, judge and witness. We recommend using our own projection screen because it is larger than the usual courtroom screen, widescreen, more reflective and can be placed closer to the jury. We also provide necessary portable tables and connection hardware for all items. 
Complex Jury Trial, Small Courtroom: 
If you can't place the projector screen so everyone can see it: add to the Basic Setup above a 20 inch Monitor for the judge, witness, counsel's tables, perhaps one for the court reporter. (We recommend offering the reporter a monitor; they often appreciate it greatly!)  Include an Elmo Document Camera for unscanned documents or solid objects. 
Bench Trial or Arbitration: 
Same as a complex jury trial, but with 20 inch Monitors all around. The projector and screen may or may not be necessary.

Share the Equipment: 
We recommend making this arrangement with your opponent as early as possible.  We are opposed to competing sets of equipment in the courtroom and recommend that you come to an agreement with the other side to avoid this.  We can provide a switcher unit to which the other side can connect.  Being in the courtroom, we can address any equipment issues on the spot, we keep backup items handy, and can provide assurance of neutral technical support.
PLEASE NOTE: At DCM - Digital Case Management, equipment rental is not our main business. Our trial presentation clients have priority for equipment reservations. However, we often have plenty of equipment on hand if you have equipment-only needs. Early reservations can ensure availability and our rates are well below most rental houses. Please contact us to check availability!
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