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*Notice: Regretfully, due to changes in iPro's re-certification policies, DCM - Digital Case Management does not offer certified training for TrialDirector 360, iPro's most recent iteration of the software. We will continue to provide Certified Training in TrialDirector 6 to any who want it.
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TrialDirector Training from DCM - Digital Case Management will give your in-house trial support staff the skills they need to provide you with an effective trial presentation. Using mock case material provided by DCM, trainees build their database, organize, annotate and create exhibits, and present their exhibits in the presentation environment. With knowledgeable instruction and real-world trial experience, our inData Certified Trainer will teach your aspiring trial tech about: 
  • Creating and managing your database 
  • Annotating documents 
  • Creating deposition video excerpts 
  • Presenting your exhibits to a courtroom 
  • Calling-out exhibit details 
  • Creating reports, outlines and barcode sheets 
  • And more… 
This is live training by an experienced trial technician. The instructor works directly with trainees in a small group, covering technology fundamentals through presentation techniques. Each topic, feature or tool is explained and demonstrated. Trainees repeat the steps on their own computer. Examples of how the features can be used in trial and other practical applications are provided. The instructor answers questions and ensures that the lesson is understood. 
To schedule training, contact us by phone or use our “Contact Us” page to send us an email. 

Important Details for Potential Trainees: 
This is a two-day, ten-hour technical course, so good basic computer skills and high motivation are essential. Experience with other database-driven litigation software (Case Map, Summation, etc.) or other complex software applications (Photoshop, Illustrator, html, etc.) are a strong indication of aptitude. Familiarity with advanced Windows OS functions is also recommended. Contact us for more insights on this topic. 
Successful digital trial presentation is a matter of teamwork and practice. TrialDirector requires lots of experience to familiarize and embed the skills. Trial attorneys need to learn how to work with a trial technician rather than handle the exhibits themselves. We recommend lots of practice with your new trial technician and exploiting any opportunity to use the skills in meetings, hearings and arbitrations. See our educational video for trial attorneys to learn more! 
Get TrialDirector® Training On-Line, via Web Conference! 
DCM – Digital Case Management is based in San Francisco, California, but you don’t have to come here or have us come to you to get training. You can receive training by web conference! The same course, same knowledge base, same materials, but no travel costs. This has proven to be a very popular option among our out-of-area clients.  Call or email for more details.

"Ken recently provided some training via web conference for TrialDirector for our firm. His experience in the courtroom really showed because he was able to give real life examples of how TrialDirector is commonly used."

-Jarrett Ward 
 Atlanta, Georgia 
Via LinkedIn

"Ken has helped me learn the software and has given me the confidence to run the software for both cases. I would not have been able to learn this program on my own! Thanks Ken!"

-Lisa F. 
Fort Myers, FL 
Via Yelp!

To Prepare for Training:
If you have scheduled TrialDirector 6 training with us, be sure to download this information sheet to learn how to prepare your computers and yourself for your upcoming sessions.  This is important information you need to know!
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