Video Production and Editing

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Seminar Videography and Digital Video Slideshows

Contact DCM - Digital Case Management when you need discovery video services, documentation or demonstrative video production. We are experienced legal video specialists.

  • Site Inspections
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Device Demonstrations
  • Day-In-The-Life
  • Editing Services

Inspections: Our videographer will work with you or your expert on location and make an accurate record of the situation in the building, on the construction site, with the vehicle or whatever needs documenting. We will work closely with officials at the scene, engineers and attorneys to deliver the best possible images that tell the whole story.

Demonstrations: You need to demonstrate how a device works, but doing so live in court carries risks. Our videographer will work with the attorneys, technicians and equipment operators to make a complete and accurate record of whatever needs demonstrating; equipment, machine or natural feature. DCM’s scientific and mechanical savvy means we can plan with you the best way to record and edit your demonstration.

“Day-In-The-Life”: If your client has been injured or disabled, you case may benefit from a “Day-in-the-Life” video. Show a jury your client’s day-to-day experiences. We can focus on the simple activities like getting out of bed, fixing a meal and going to work or school, scheduled treatments like physical therapy or exams, or more personal touches like interviews and family gatherings.

Editing: If you have video material you need edited for trial - home video, corporate video, security video - bring it to DCM – Digital Case Management. We can create excerpts, delete or obscure prejudicial material and reformat for easy trial presentation.

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