Trial Presentation Services

Let DCM - Digital Case Management help you make your case to a tech-savvy jury. We will create your database, present your exhibits and be with you in the war room planning the next phase in the presentation.

Juries today expect a modern, tech-driven trial presentation. We use TrialDirector - the nation’s leading trial presentation software - to create and manage your database of exhibits. Documents, photos, synchronized video depositions, video and audio files are all loaded into a computer and presented on demand. We will work with you to plan your presentation and make fast revisions when the need arises.

Of course we can highlight docments, call-out key paragraphs and create deposition video clips that playback with transcript text captioned. But we can also handle special situations and difficult exhibits. Call us to help you create:

DCM also provides the multi-media equipment you need for trial: bright, hi-resolution video projectors; audio amplifiers; document cameras; monitors and the necessary connection hardware. We have hi-speed portable scanners for adding documents to the database on-the-spot. Let us know your needs and we’ll provide the equipment.

Call or email DCM - Digital Case Management to schedule a demo in your office to learn how DCM can help you at your next trial.

Trial Presentation Demo Video

This (silent) video shows some of the ways that video and document exhibits can be presented digitally by a DCM trial technician. (converted from computer monitor; not full resolution.)

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