Certified TrialDirector® Training

TrialDirector is the nation’s most popular trial presentation software. Certified TrialDirector Training from DCM - Digital Case Management will help you make the most of your software investment. Learn about:

DCM breaks up the process into discrete topical sections and covers them thoroughly. Trainees work with mock case material on their own computer, doing the tasks as demonstrated by the trainer. Working in small groups allows one-on-one attention, ensuring better comprehension.

DCM -Digital Case Management is an inData Certified TrialDirector Training provider. We provide mock case materials (documents, synchronized transcripts, multi-media files, etc.), a training outline for every trainee, a printed reference manual and expert advice in preparing your students and your computers for the training session.

We recommend getting the training early in the case progress, and allowing trainees dedicated time to practice their new skills for best results. Call DCM now to schedule your training.

Get TrialDirector® Training On-Line, via Web Conference!

DCM – Digital Case Management is based in San Francisco, California, but you don’t have to come here or have us come to you to get training. You can receive training by web conference. The same course, same knowledge base, same materials, but no travel costs. Call or email for more details.

Trial Director Training

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