Synchronized Deposition Video

DCM - Digital Case Management will synchronize your deposition video, other video and audio files with their transcripts for all the major trial presentation software systems.

Synchronizing is the process of linking your deposition video (or any video or audio file) with the written transcript, so that they play back in synch. You can easily make excerpts for playback in court, hearings, or even in another deposition.

See the Demo Video Below!

Synchronized depositions are the best tool for impeaching a witness. One can create a depo video clip in less than a minute. It also lets you edit your clip list equally fast to respond to the changing landscape of your trial.

Audio and other video can also be synched! Sometimes non-professional audio recordings (such as voice messages, emergency services recordings, home video, etc.) are barely intelligible, and the effect is made worse when playing to a courtroom. Playback with the transcript captions makes poor audio intelligible, thereby more helpful to your case.

DCM - Digital Case Management synchronizes in-house and does a manual check for greatest accuracy. Your depositions never leave the country. To see how synchronized video works in practice, check out the demo video below, and donít hesitate to call or email if you have any questions.

Don't own trial presentation software? Take a look at the DepoView player; an easy-to-use synchronized deposition video editor and review application. Look at the screen shots or check out the DepoView demo video just below the synch demo video. (Scroll down a bit and you'll see it.)

And contact us to schedule your deposition or get your audo or video synchronized!

Synchronized Deposition Video Demo

This video is converted from computer monitor; not full resolution.

DepoView Demonstration

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