Multimedia Presentation Equipment

When you schedule a trial consultant from DCM Digital Case Management, you will also have the equipment you will need for any courtroom situation.

Whether you need a basic projector, screen and audio setup, or if you also need document cameras, switchers and monitors we got you covered. We can also arrange war room equipment such as scanners, printers or additional computers. Talk your trial technician early about your equipment needs to ensure availability. See the list below for information sheets about typical courtroom equipment setups.

Info Sheet: Courtroom Equipment Packages

Here are some typical courtroom equipment setups. Click on any of the the links below to open or download our Equipment Info Sheet (PDF) to help you choose what is right for your trial, and find other helpful information.

Basic Setup: Video projector, projection screen, audio amplifier.

Complex Setup: Video projector, projection screen, audio amplifier, four 19" monitors, VGA switcher.

Full Courtroom Setup: Video projector, projection screen, audio amplifier, 10 or more monitors, VGA switcher, Elmo document camera.

PLEASE NOTE: DCM - Digital Case Management is not primarily an equipment rental facility. Although we have plenty of equipment on hand, our trial presentation clients have priority for its use. Equipment-only inquiries may find our stock unavailable if it is held in reserve. However, early reservations can ensure availability and our rates are well below most rental houses'. Please contact us for more details.

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