Mock Trial Services

DCM – Digital Case Management will bring the technology to your mock trial and focus group studies:

  • Digital Exhibit and Testimony Presentation: Present the evidence quickly and clearly with a DCM TrialDirector® technician. Present synchronized deposition video excerpts, annotated documents with call-outs - the full trial experience.

  • Multimedia Presentation Equipment: Video projectors, Elmos, screens for presentation.

  • Focus Group Videography: Get a video record of deliberations for your own or your experts’ review. You may learn something new on the second viewing! Schedule multiple focus groups for one mock trial and record all the deliberations.

  • Remote Viewing: Let your mock jury deliberate without attorneys in the room. Have DCM set up a closed circuit system for you to view deliberations remotely.

  • On-Line Survey: Present arguments, deposition video clips, documents and demonstratives in an online format through the use of a Digital Video Slideshow. Include a survey and collect the results electronically. Let the “juror” take the material at their own pace. Can be presented on a secure network or via the internet.

Whether you're doing your mock trial in-house or working with a jury consultant, let DCM - Digital Case Management handle to technology for you.

Litigation Technology Services