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History of the Market Street Railway
This video demonstrates the process that goes into creating a large mural on the streets of San Francisco. The Muralist is Mona Caron, creator of many large murals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Digital Trial Presentation for Trial Attorneys
First time using a digital trial technician? Watch this video to learn some of the basic features, limitations and terminology. Then watch the whole series!

Deposition Synch Playback Demonstration
This video shows some of the ways that synchronized deposition video can be played back in trial presentation. DCM creates synch files for TrialDirector, LiveNote, Sanction, Summation and other litigation software.

DepoView Demonstration
This video shows how the DepoView application looks during playback, transcript search, creating a clip and exporting a clip to the desktop. Also shown is how the Windows Media Viewer is set to play back the video with the synched transcript subtitles.

DepoView Demonstration

62-64 Pixley Street
This video was created for Ugo Baldassari of the Paragon Real Estate Group, and demonstrates how DCM can create a flattering video inspection.

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